How we help SaaS vendors

As an SaaS vendor, the core of your operation is to provide your customers with a Web service you have developed.

We have worked with a number of SaaS Vendors securing and protecting their services from cyber security threats and challenges, using our Red and Blue Team Approach.

The Military are the precursors to the Red and Blue Team methodology or approach, within Information Security, these teams are made up of security professionals, firstly, – (Red Team) attacks something, and secondly, an opposing team – (Blue Team) defends; however, they have a shared primary focus or goal, which is to improve and enhance the overall security position of a company/ organisation.

RedBlue Manoeuvres

  • We are both the Red and Blue Team. We pride ourselves on having the capability to be both a Red and Blue Team player. We conduct controlled testing attacks against your infrastructure (Red Team), and put in place measures to defend against attacks (Blue Team). In simple terms we are experts in both Attacking and Defending.
  • We identify any web service cybersecurity vulnerabilities and produce a plan to fix them.
  • We deploy Artificial Intelligence based testing scenarios
  • We monitor Dark Web and various intelligence sources to provide you with newest information

What are the benefits?

  • All test results are manually verified by our experts from both teams – Red and Blue
  • Attack scenarios mimic a real assault by an adversary, ensuring you receive an authentic assessment
  • We offer an ongoing managed service, resulting in an advanced, prepared and effective Cyber Security Strategy.